You might find a treasure within the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults Projects


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The NFSS Project 2014-2015 is a joint initiative by Australian governments to support the priority actions of the National Foundation Skills Strategy.

There is a lot happening.

Have a look at these activities. Each one is aimed at raising national awareness and interest in Foundation Skills. They provide ideas, models, resources and strategies to either get started or springboard from what currently happens in your context.


Research to identify professional practice in foundation skills (experience and qualifications)

  •  YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE your experiences as a practitioner now involved with foundation skills through the Stories from the Field project. An update (March 2015) explaining where the suite of related projects are up to can be accessed here.
  • WHY? Your feedback will help to ‘scope the profession’ and inform the future qualification and experience requirements for those wanting to be be involved with foundation skills delivery.

Foundation Skills Community of Practice

  •  YOU CAN ASK ABOUT TRIALS UNDERWAY Each Champion (see below) has their own state-based project underway now.
  • WHY? The strategy may be relevant or useful to your needs.

Foundation Skills Workplace Champions

  •  YOU CAN CONTACT A CHAMPION. Each State and Territory has a Foundation Skills Champion  – people who have been involved with the Foundation Skills movement, with skills and expertise to share.
  • WHY? They could have some valuable advice/tips/answers/information
  • YOU CAN ALSO CONTACT A WORKPLACE CHAMPION. These champions provide examples of progressing Foundation Skills across a large number of employees using various approaches and strategies.
  • WHY? You could see an approach worth considering in your context

Foundation Skills Workplace Champions Case Studies, have a look at these:

  • The Power of REDARC
  • LEND LEASE approach to increasing Foundation Skills of workers at Barangaroo (Sydney)
  • OAK TASMANIA focuses on enriching the lives of employers with a disability
  • VILLA MARIA installed new software which stimulated the approach to foundation skills
  • UNITY WATER  focus on technology skills


If you want to introduce Foundation Skills to an Industry-based workplace or want to promote discussion about possible Foundation Skills, there are Facilitator resources available:


Last year (2014) a number of targeted Foundation Skills Workforce Development Projects  were implemented. For example, one of these was professional development workshops to raise awareness of the attention to Foundation Skills. You may have attended one of the 52 workshops offered nationally.


Five Workforce Development Projects, managed by State and Territory governments, developed resources. Each is designed to assist professionals interested in progressing the foundation skills within their RTO or individual training and assessment approaches. There are models and tools. Relevancy depends on what you are looking for.

If you are interested in a framework/strategic approach to embedding or integrating foundations skills into your training then check out the South Australian Addressing Foundation Skills – 10 Step process and the associated Training Validation Tool (which promotes a close look at when, where, how, and by whom the identified foundation skills may be supported within the training and assessment delivery)

AND, there are FACEBOOK and TWITTER to follow ……….

YES, there is a lot happening.


One thought on “You might find a treasure within the National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults Projects

  1. Allison Miller April 8, 2015 / 8:16 pm

    Thank you for starting this site and sharing these resources as with incorporation of Foundation Skills in all of the new training packages VET practitioners are going to need a lot of support to help their learners.


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