When you know the training content so well, you may not stop to think about what foundation skills are involved?


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It can be so easy to deliver training, especially when you know the workplace requirement, or the course or unit content so well. Knowing what is involved and what the students need to learn about comes naturally, almost like second nature. Sometimes progressing without feeling the need to think about the skills or prior knowledge required.

Teasing out and exposing the sub-skills involved with workplace tasks, will help to identify which foundation skills to feature within training delivery.

If it’s important for you, or your RTO, to prepare students for the workplace, then it may also be necessary to build specific foundation skills during training.

Take the time to contemplate:
• What tasks are the workers in this industry currently required to do?
• What Foundation skills do the tasks involve?
• What specific Foundation kills or knowledge are required to perform these tasks?

Why do this?

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For Trainers:

  • Being aware of the foundation skills can Impact the breadth of training content and assessment, enabling you to hit the target with the resources, or strategies.

For Students:

  • Foundation skills are delivered in a purposeful context, enabling the students to hit the target with workplace readiness.

Here’s an industry example.

Within a particular aspect of Marine Services – what skills and knowledge are important, and therefore, what foundation skills are involved?

Accessed at http://www.freeimages.com/browse.phtml?f=download&id=1261292 on 22/4/15

A critical workplace task is to successfully navigate from one land or water location to another. Crossing waterways involves considering many variables such as tides, weather conditions, water depth, land markers, and calculating the distance and time involved.

Prior to launch, a Passage Plan is required.

So, what is involved in being able to prepare a Passage Plan? The Maritime Services resource Boat Notes was prepared with and for trainers and students. Here we can see the foundation skills involved in broad terms: Chart work, Time, Speed Distance Time, Tides, Weather, Navigation Maths, and the Passage Planning format. The more specific foundation skills related to each task are also stated.

If you enter, or click Read More, for each skill there is an explanation of why the skill is important before proceeding with the training activities within this resource. From the outset, trainers know which foundation skills to focus on and students know why they are relevant

Other industry examples.

Some industries provide videos which reveal the foundation skills involved. Here are two examples:

You will find more examples on the first of our Teaching Strategies Resources page.

Trainers are generally very busy with limited time for contemplative thought about the skills that underpin workplace tasks. However, if this is overlooked valuable opportunities to build foundation skills and promote success can be bypassed.

 Where is your reflective location?

Please note:  within this blog post we refer to some industry Foundation skills resources. We are not suggesting that these resources are preferred or recommended more than others. We acknowledge that there is an extensive range of industry-based resources to support Foundation skills training and assessments. Go to the Teaching Resources section of this site for a comprehensive list and linkages.

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