December already?! There’s so much more to share…..

More ideas, tips and strategies will have to wait until 2017!

Now is the time for us to say,


We appreciate your continued interest, feedback and support

Survey results

Thank you to those who completed the survey we distributed last month.  In the survey we asked for your feedback about LLN and VET Meeting Place in 2016, and for your requests for 2017.   We gained some terrific ideas from your suggestions.  Your responses also helped us learn more about your training contexts and learner needs.

We thought you might find it interesting to see some of the survey responses, which came from ‘colleagues’—both within and outside of Australia—who share a curiosity in developing learners’ foundation skills.  Here’s a summary of the results:

 What you like about the site

‘Unique, professional, exceptional.’

(Derek Bailey, Teacher Electrical Trades, TAFE NSW HIT)

Thank you for the feedback about the LLN and VET Meeting Place site. It is helpful for us to know the areas you find most helpful to you. We are pleased that the mix of  teaching and assessment resources, links, strategies, current developments, and tips, is helpful and informative.

Suggested Professional development topics (webinar/blog posts)

You indicated an intriguing range of suggestions for continued professional development – either webinar or blog posts. Although the suggestions are predominantly from Australian trainers, there are some from international followers.  Your requests included:

Foundation skills – general
  • Continue updates – including legislation
  • VET/LLN research projects and findings
  • VET/LLN success stories
  • Collaboration between existing industry bodies
  • LLN news
Foundation skills instruction and assessment strategies and tips

In general:

  • More LLN and foundation skills tips and strategies
  • Integrating LLN and Foundation skills in VET
  • ACSF levels in units of competence

For trainers

  • Essential skills for Trainers
  • Addressing currency of practice
  • Professional bodies
  • Locating specific foundation skills information

For specific learner groups:

Learners who:

  • are young/Gen Y
  • may mental health needs
  • experience the language of training (English) as a foreign language
  • learn online – how to unpack a question

Specific foundation skills: Numeracy

  • Core Numeracy skills for Financial interpretation and report skills
  • Inspiring ways to deliver numeracy (if learners are less motivated)
  • Numeracy skills for trades

Specific foundation skills: mixture

  • searching for a job
  • reading for electrical trades
An interesting and useful list to ponder as we plan for 2017

But first, time for a short break…

We’d like to take this chance to wish you and your family all the very best for the holiday season. We will return in January, 2017!

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