Maintaining LLN currency

Does this happen to you? At the start of the year you receive a request from your manager like this – ‘Please update and complete the Trainer and Assessor Profile Verification of Competence and Currency’.

It may be straightforward to complete the verification of competency and currency with the industry and workplace requirements if you train and assess within your industry area, say auto-mechanics, or accounting. It may also be straightforward to identify the sources of information and networks that guide and inform your knowledge and skill currency.

But if you have completed TAELLN411 Address adult language, literacy and numeracy skills, remaining connected to LLN and foundation skills developments may be new to you and somewhat different to your key vocational context.

This post offers information to help you – a vocational trainer/assessor – access opportunities to maintain currency and engage in ongoing professional development activities related to LLN and foundation skills.  We’ll cover:

  • where you can look for updates, developments, and insights to inform and influence your practice
  • how to remain connected with others who share an interest in LLN and foundation skills.

Peak Australian, State and Territory LLN organisations

The Australian Adult Literacy and Numeracy councils are not-for profit orgnisations managed and run by volunteers. They offer a range of LLN resources, links and professional development opportunities. Explore each one to see what is offered, or make contact using the contact details listed below. The range of professional development opportunities include:

  • annual conference with keynote and experienced practitioners
  • conference papers (sometimes)
  • eNewsletters and/or Facebook pages
  • Membership (which gives access to publications)
  • Links to resources–e.g. VALBEC has FREE numeracy resources. See Building Strength in Numbers
  • Workshops


Peak Australian LLN organisation

ACAL Australian Council  for Adult Literacy

ACAL’s 2017 National Conference for 2017 will take place in Darwin on 13 and 14 September.

State Adult Literacy organisations

NSWALNC New South Wales Adult Literacy and numeracy council
QCAL Queensland Adult Literacy Council
NTALBP Northern Territory Adult Literacy and Numeracy Best Practice
WAALC Western Australia Adult Literacy Council
SACAL South Australia Council of Adult Literacy
TCAL Tasmania Council for Adult Literacy
VALBEC Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council

Peak Industry Skills Service Organisation

Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC)’s Skills for Australia is the Skills Service Organisation responsible for the Education Industry – which includes the TAE and FSK Training Packages.  Register for their NEWS released via email.

Last chance to give feedback about the Foundation Skills (FSK) Training Package
Currently PwC are undertaking a training product improvement survey to review the Foundation Skills Training Package (FSK).  They will welcome your feedback, but the survey is due to close soon, so act quickly!

LLN Journals

1. UTS Literacy and Numeracy Studies

This is an international journal in the education and training of adults.  It is edited and distributed via the University of Technology, Sydney. There are no annual fees. Access the journal here.

2. Fine Print

This journal is produced by VALBEC and includes contributions from the LLN and Foundation skills arena. It’s available to those who take out a VALBEC membership. Older versions are archived and available for free. Inquire at VALBEC.

LLN and Foundation skills webinars

Sometimes we want to learn from practitioners in the field. There are many aspects related to LLN and foundation skills instruction and assessment.  The VET professional bodies listed below offer a ever-increasing array of LLN and foundation skill webinars. Search their websites for upcoming webinars of interest to you.

  • Adult Learning Australia (ALA)
  • Australian Council for Private Education and Training (ACPET)
  • Velg Training
  • Vet Development Centre (VDC).

You do not need to be a member to access the webinars. Just register and pay to participate. If you can’t access the webinar at the scheduled time, most of these organisations will send you the webinar recording and any related resources if you register and pay before the event.  Listen in the luxury of your time in your space – with a colleague if you like.  Most of these VET organisations provide a certificate of participation.

Adult Learning Australia offer a range of webinars. Some are relevant to LLN. Each year they offer two webinars which focus on aligning LLN tasks to the ACSF.  If you have a teaching or assessment question that you want some feedback about, you can submit it prior to the webinar.  Phillipa McLean – principal writer of the ACSF – often assists with delivery of these webinars and provides guidance and feedback from an ACSF perspective.

Social Media networks and connections


ACPET has the LLN Community of Practice LinkedIn group.

Image result for facebook logo

Facebook has two groups that discuss LLN and foundation skills:

  1. FS Teach is open to LLN and VET trainers. It’s a safe place to ask a questions.
  2. LLN Skills for Employment and Education was established for Trainers involved in the Skills for Employment and Education (SEE) program)

We encourage you to get connected!

  • Ask us, if you have further questions.
  • Tell us, if you have any other suggested sources you think people my find useful.




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