About us

Ann is a literacy specialist.  Chemène is a VET (TAE) specialist.  Ann and Chemène united to form the LLN and VET meeting place.  This is an online space for LLN and VET professionals to meet, ask questions, pose challenges, and share ideas aimed at effectively supporting LLN skill development through vocational education and training. More about each of us:

Ann Leske

P1000219 copy (3) croppedAnn is an LLN teacher and consultant with a passion for enabling learners to successfully build foundation skills. Ann shares insight and strategies through presentations and consultation to the VET and the LLN sector. Workplaces, RTOs, and trainers appreciate the tangible and practical solutions with ‘how to’ guidance to confidently approach Foundation Skills delivery. Ann is joint leader, with Chemène Sinson, of this specialised website to support LLN and VET trainers to embrace foundation skills development within vocational training

Visit Ann’s LinkedIn page for more information.

 Chemène Sinson

ChemeneSinson_square_red Chemène is a learning and development consultant who specialises in TAE qualifications and other non-accredited programs.  She has extensive experience consulting, designing and delivering TAE Certificate IV and Diploma programs for various private, community, government and industry-based RTOs.  She has written a suite of learning and assessment materials for the Certificate IV in Training and Assessment purchased by more than 100 RTOs to date.  In recent years she has focused her own professional development on language, literacy and numeracy development through VET.

Visit Chemène’s LinkedIn page or her website for more information.

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