What events have happened, and what events are on the horizon?

What’s happened?

During 2015 we offered the first of our Teaching Tips webinars. In 2016 we continued the ‘Build it in’ theme, presenting three more webinars with the shared focus: Teaching Tips to build LLN (foundation) skills within adult and vocational training.

We took account of feedback from participants of the first series. The second webinar series took a slightly different focus;  this time addressing different learner cohorts, rather than specific ACSF core skills.

Build it in: tips to build your learners’ foundation skills within adult education and training

Webinar series 1

Webinar series 2

Foundation skills in adult and vocational training Teaching tips for TAE trainers delivering and assessing TAELLN411
ACSF core skill Learning Teaching tips for trainers with Gen Y/ Z learners 
ACSF core skills Reading Teaching Tips for trainers with ESL learners
ACSF core skill Writing
ACSF core skill Oral Communication
ACSF core skills Numeracy

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The webinars are relevant for:

  • New trainers looking for strategies  to approach and address learners’ identified needs
  • Trainers with some experience who are looking for more ideas
  • RTO Managers or trainers with leadership responsibilities who want to top-up their skills, or know of strategies to share with colleagues
  • Anyone undertaking the TAELLN411 unit, or LLN in VET postgraduate qualifications

What’s on the horizon?

We are in the ‘plan and design phase’ again. Influenced by feedback, requests, and consultancy observations, these are some ideas in the mix:

  • How to overcome the fear of mathematics that so many Stage 1 apprentices exhibit.
  • How to motivate the modern day 17 to 21 year old to take charge of their learning
  • Leading a team of trainers to embrace LLN within their delivery
  • Building digital literacy skills – flexible training options that build foundation skills
  • Discussions coming out of reforms that influence foundation skills

We may also produce one or more ebooks …………..Keep your eyes on this spot!

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