We combine our complimentary areas of expertise to help you build quality Foundation Skills development into vocational education and training.

Our Services

We realise that each situation is unique:  there is no neat one-size-fits all strategy or approach when it comes to progressing Foundation Skills.  So, we don’t do one-size-fits-all, training.  Instead, we tailor services to suit your needs.

Services include
• Group workshops
• 1:1 coaching & guidance
Consultancy services including validation of pre-training assessment tools
Offered via
• Skype or telephone
• Webinar
• Google Hangout
• Face-to-face
• Email
Our clients
• RTO management
• Trainers and assessors
• TAE students
• Individuals or
• Organisations

More information

Download Brochure or contact us:

  • w:
  • e:
  • m: Chemène: +61(0) 409 910 002      OR      Ann: + 61(0) 437 030 543

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