Resource links

Why this resource collection?

The National Foundation Skills Strategy asks all workplace trainers to contribute to assist their learners to develop the necessary foundation skills (LLN and Employability skills). This involves delivering our training from both a workplace perspective, and a foundation skills perspective, simultaneously.

We thought that trainers may appreciate having a ‘go-to place’ to locate practical suggestions to reconnect, review, refresh, or revitalise approaches to improve their ability to address learners’ foundation skill needs.  We hope that these resource links offer such a ‘go-to place’.

How we chose what resource links to include

We’ve tried to ensure that the resources listed will support foundation skills development within the Australian workplace training context.  We also chose resources that:

  • are freely available
  • focus on practical strategies that include why, what or how to build LLN skills
  • promote an embedded, or integrated approach
  • align with Adult Learning Principles.

These resources do not include research (other than the LLN statistics).

For Research, go to the NCVER VOCED Foundation Skills POD

We recognise that there are other resources available but propose these as a good starting point.

Please contact us at if you:

  • want to suggest additional resources to add to our resource links pages
  • identify any broken links or incorrect or out of date information.

Finding what you want

We have six pages with resource links:

Content focus
Policies and organisations
  • National Foundation Skills Strategy for Adults
  • Australian LLN statistics
  • ACSF and CSfW documents
  • 2015 Standards for RTOs
  • VET professional organisations
  • Industry organisations:AISC, Industry Reference Committees, Service Skills
  •  LLN national and state professional organisations
Identify Foundation skills
  • What are foundation skills?
  • How to identify learners’ foundation skill needs
  • How to identify foundation skills within training
  • Foundation skills within workplace roles?
Embed foundation skills within training
  •  Why embed foundation skills within workplace training?
  • Strategies, case studies and examples showing how.


Foundation skills within a workplace
  • Why address foundation skills in the workplace
  • Discussion resources and focus questions
  • Australian Case studies
Build foundation skills
  Examples and resources with

  • a specific industry focus
  • a generic focus (can be adapted to any training context
Build ACSF LLN skills
Resources or information to address each of the five Australian Core Skills Framework LLN skills:

  • Learning
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Oral Communication
  • Numeracy