Build ACSF LLN skills

Return to home page croppedAll workplace training is underpinned by one or more of The 5 Australian core skills Framework (ACSF) core skills or LLN skills. the collection reveals a variety of strategies to build each core skill. 

We recognise that there are other resources available but propose these as a good starting point. If you would like to suggest resources please contact us at

Please contact us if you identify any broken links or incorrect or out of date information.

 Oral Communication
Ideas for teachers:

Where you can send learners:

  • BBC Skillswise – loads of activities to build speaking, listening and communication skills
  • Reading Writing Hotline – they can put you or learners in in touch with services in your local area
Numeracy (1)
Numeracy (2)

Professional development resources:

Relevant research/articles:

Evaluating Progress

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